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Se observan las manos de un hombre trabajando en ordenadores portátiles en un escritorio.
Find Your Translation is a company that is fully dedicated to audiovisual translation. We strongly believe our passion for the work we do is what leads us to give the clients who trust in our company the high-quality projects they deserve.

Far from those automatic translations that do not visually help your content, our experience in this branch of translation allows us to give you the possibility to have professional translations that will boost and expand your content globally.



We create subtitles for the projects you want to globalize.
In FYT, we focus on entertainment content, which includes
TV programs, YouTube channels, documentaries, interviews,
video blogs, among many others.

Let's subtitle your content

Banderas que representan los idiomas inglés y español de latinoamérica

Subtitling for deaf and hard of hearing (SDH)

With these subtitles, people with hearing problems
will fully enjoy the audiovisual content you want to show.
You’ll be able to expand your stories, and, at the same time,
get closer to people that speak your own language.

Let's subtitle your content

Banderas que representan los idiomas inglés y español de latinoamérica


The experience with Find Your Translation has been fantastic.
They’ve been helping me to accomplish my goal of having English subtitles for the videos on my channel.

This company is professional, fast, and efficient.
I totally recommend it.

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Zepet – Creator of PILO
(YouTube channel)

Samples of our work

(Activate English subtitles on YouTube)

Working method

1. Click on the service you are interested in
and tell us about your project.

2. After analyzing your project
and the delivery date, we make a budget for it.

3. If you confirm everything is okay,
we start with your project.
4. Once the job is ready to be delivered,
we send you a safe link to download it.

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Frequently asked questions

Besides subtitling, do you offer other services?

We specialize in subtitling, but we are qualified to work on projects that include translation for dubbing, quality control and proofreading, transcription, and translation.

How much does subtitling cost?

This will always depend mostly on the duration and complexity of the material that you send to us.

Además del subtitulado, ¿brindan otros servicios?

Nos especializamos en el subtitulado, pero también trabajamos proyectos como traducción para guiones de doblaje, corrección de subtítulos (quality control, proofreading), transcripción y traducción.

¿Cuánto cuesta un subtitulado?

Esto va a depender de diversos factores, tales como la duración del material, su complejidad y la fecha a entregarse.

How do SDH subtitles work?

Conventional subtitles are created for people who can hear the audio of audiovisual content, while SDH are adapted in a way in which people with hearing problems can know, among many things, when there are sound effects, the person who is currently speaking, or the type of music that is playing.

How do I pay for your services?

Payments are made via PayPal or direct bank transfer.